Little Falls Historical Society & Museum, Little Falls, NY

If you’re looking for an educational and fun outing for your family, the Little Falls Historical Society & Museum in Little Falls, NY, is an ideal destination. Located in the heart of the community, this active museum features fascinating displays, workshops, lectures, and more. Whether you’re a resident of Little Falls or a visitor from another part of the state, there’s plenty to explore here. The museum offers an impressive array of exhibits and artifacts. Step back in time and explore the stories of the region’s past. Learn about the early settlers, Native Americans, and Revolutionary War heroes who formed and shaped life in Little Falls. See the foundation of the first ever Mohawk Valley post office and artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries. Permanent exhibitions include the National Oyster and Seafood Collection, the Canal Collection, and the Kenney Collection of rural agriculture. The museum is also home to an impressive regional history library. Information can be found here.

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Throughout the year, the Little Falls Historical Society & Museum hosts workshops and activities for people of all ages. You can explore 19th-century toys or learn about Native American basket-making. You can also take part in a tour of the historical sites around Little Falls, such as Schuyler Mansion and Fort Herkimer Church, hosted by expert-led volunteer guides. In addition, the museum is home to several annual events. Every June, the Community Flag Raising commemorates the nation’s birthday with patriotic events, affirming the spirit of community unity. Other events include the 4th of July Celebration, PaperMill Day, the Apple Festival, and the Historic Christmas Exhibit. See here for information about Erie Canal Lock 17, Little Falls, NY: The Ideal Getaway Spot for Nature and History Lovers.