Learn More About Erie Canal Lock 17 in Little Falls, NY

The Erie Canal Lock 17 in Little Falls, NY, is an integral part of the history of the state and the nation. Located near the Mohawk River, the site has been home to a lock system for over two hundred years. Today, the area is a popular tourist attraction, with visitors from all over coming to learn more about the canal, its history, and its legacy. Learn information about Little Falls, NY.

The Erie Canal Lock 17 was built in 1825 by the Erie Canal Commission and is the oldest surviving example of a double-chambered lock constructed in New York. It is 183 feet long and 22 feet wide and can handle vessels measuring up to 120 feet long and up to 17 feet wide. The lock is divided into two chambers with gates and a water supply. The area around the safety is also the site of the historic Little Falls Ironworks, which is a testament to the industrial era in the area. Discover facts about Discovering the Rich Heritage of Little Falls: The Little Falls Historical Society & Museum.

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The Erie Canal Lock 17 is located in the heart of Little Falls, NY, and is part of the Erie Canal State Historic Park. Visitors can take a guided tour of the area, learn about the lock system, marvel at the views of the canal, or take a stroll along the towpath. It is a great place to visit and explore its history and significance.

The area around Erie Canal Lock 17 also offers a variety of activities and entertainment for visitors. The Visitor’s Center, located adjacent to the lock, offers detailed information and educational materials about the history and importance of the canal. It also houses the Interpretive Center, which hosts lectures, film screenings, hands-on programs, and more. Additionally, the park includes a recreation trail, a boat launch, and fishing and picnicking areas. Nearby visitor attractions include historic Mohawk Valley towns and villages and the Fonda, Johnstown, and Mohawk Railway Museum.