Discovering the Rich Heritage of Little Falls: The Little Falls Historical Society & Museum

The quaint historic town of Little Falls is the home of the Little Falls Historical Society & Museum. This captivating collection explores the area’s history and includes artifacts and documents significant to the town. The Society & Museum provide insight into the community’s unique heritage and contribute to preserving its past. Let’s look at what the museum offers and how it contributes to maintaining and celebrating the area’s rich past. Learn more here.

The Little Falls Historical Society & Museum is housed in a beautifully restored two-story brick building. The museum provides a fascinating insight into the town’s history and culture, from pioneer settlers to present-day residents. Visitors can explore the lives and stories of diverse people. Learn more about A Relaxing Day Out at Moreland Park in Little Falls, NY.

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The museum’s main gallery includes displays that feature artifacts and documents from Little Falls’ history. Through these displays, visitors can learn about the town’s local industries, such as lumbering and textile weaving, and what life was like in the early 20th century. The museum also contains an exciting selection of historical items, from antique furniture to ancient coins, that speak to the area’s rich heritage.

The Little Falls Historical Society & Museum also boasts an impressive library with books and materials about the town’s past. This library contains unique documents such as old newspapers, maps, and photograph albums offering a local area’s photographic history. The books and materials in the library are available for research and personal interest.